Jim Souvagis | Realtor in Northern Virginia with Long & Foster


About Jim Souvagis


Jim combines professionalism with friendliness and empathy. He takes the business of your transaction seriously, and his years of experience lend him the confidence necessary to maintain his sense of humor. He applies a warm human touch and reassures his customers, guiding them seamlessly through what can be a complex and baffling process. Jim’s the kind of guy you want to do business with.


Jim takes the time to explain every phase of the process – from listing or property search through appraisal, financing, settlement and beyond. He favors straightforward answers and plain language. Jim’s knowledge of the marketplace, financing options and regional development means that he can often streamline the steps of listing, pricing or securing a property. And by guiding them through the process, Jim coaches his customers on what questions to ask. The more you know about the process of buying and selling a house, the more you’ll realize how valuable it is to have Jim’s guidance at your disposal.


The nature of the business includes periodic fire drills, but Jim is fireproof. He handles the inevitable snags or problems with confidence, and when the time comes to assert his client’s position, he’s impossible to crack.

Jim’s endurance has been forged over many years of experience and professional development. He is among the top 5% of Realtors © who have completed the advanced training necessary to be designated Certified Residential Specialists.


Jim’s open approach to the stages of the transaction means that buyers and sellers are never in the dark. Jim believes in sharing information, not withholding it – even when this means delivering news that isn’t what the customer wants to hear. Jim clearly communicates and difficulties that may arise – postponing a settlement date, for example – and that they should be equally aware of the solution employed to address the problem.


Jim has been marketing properties and learning neighborhoods in Northern Virgina for more than 20 years. His track record of success speaks for itself, and his peers and professional organizations have consistently recognized him for excellence.

Jim is also an agent, affiliate and associate broker for Long & Foster. He leverages the resources of a nationality known brand to his customer’s advantage, while offering the easy access and personal attention that his customers deserve.

On Your Side

Jim does more than manage the buying and selling of houses, the he builds relationships with buyers and sellers that last over time. Families often rely on Jim’s representation throughout the phases of their lives and the various houses in which they spend them. Jim’s advocacy for his client means that both his marketing strategy and selling tactics are always in the client’s best interest.

He isn’t just your agent. He is your advisor.